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Many kids have tried to dig to the other side of the earth, but what they find at the center may stop them.

-Best Animated Film - Nebbys Film Festival 2019
Best Animated Film - Couch Film Festival 2019 in the 5:01 - 10:00 minute category.
Semi-Finalist - Los Angeles CineFest 2020
Finalist - Rolling Ideas 2019
Finalist - Short Film Factory 2019
Official Selection in 18 film festivals around the world

Maria Smal - Halina/Mother
Simon Gissler - Nathaniel/Paul/Father

Director/Writer/Producer: Michaela Wadzinski
Backgrounds/Shading: Rebecca Snowden
Flat Color: Annie Wang and M
egan Whisenhunt
Storyboards: Michaela Tonack and Michaela Wadzinski
Animation: Michaela Wadzinski
Sound Editor: Ethan Grafton
Composer: Ethan Grafton

Full Cast and Crew list on IMDb

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