Horse, Of Course - Comedy Scene

Synopsis: A neurotic girl scout is following her best friend's top-secret mission, the only thing she doesn't know is it involves her greatest fear: riding a horse.

Brash, Brawl, and Bowling - Action Scene

Synopsis: In a life or death game of bowling, Griffin is one strike away from making it out unscathed.

Prom Crashers - Two-person Dialogue Scene/Drama

Synopsis: Two college graduates decide to relive their high school days by sneaking into the local prom. When this backfires on them the two must realize that time moves on.

Vaping - Comedy/Musical Scene

Synopsis: Portion of the McGruff the Crime Dog parody song "Vaping" from Michael Carlson and Podcast:The Ride's album Smart Teens. The song is about McGruff threatening to steal a man's first born son if he breaks their contract and vapes.