Prom Crashers - Two-person Dialogue Scene/Drama

Synopsis: Two college graduates decide to relive their high school days by sneaking into the local prom. When this backfires on them the two must realize that time moves on.

The Depths - Action/Adventure Scene

Synopsis: An underwater fight ensues between a scuba diver and a giant octopus over an ancient artifact.

Block Party - Comedy/Horror Scene

Synopsis: Three college students wanted to enjoy a quiet halloween night, but the raging block party outside hides a masked figure with devious intentions.

Note: This is just the middle scene of a longer script. 

Vaping - Comedy/Musical Scene

Synopsis: Portion of the McGruff the Crime Dog parody song "Vaping" from Michael Carlson and Podcast:The Ride's album Smart Teens. The song is about McGruff threatening to steal a man's first born son if he breaks their contract and vapes.